OFFAL/ GRUESOME STUFF RELISH - unburied repugnance split


Tape - transparent blue

Offal / Gruesome Stuff Relish - "Unburied Repugnance" cassette out now from Headsplit Records! A split cassette forged in total death and rot from two excellent long running gore grind bands!

The infamous and cultured Spaniards of Gruesome Stuff Relish are back with four songs from their most disgusting, characteristic and unique HORROR SPLATTER DEATH / GRIND that needs no further introduction. OFFAL maniacs of Brazil return with their most important release since their last album and with the sinister special participation of the Horror / Synth wizard, Slasher Dave of the great ACID WITCH.

Whether by the blade of a serial homicidal maniac from the old Italian gialli, pursued by cannibals hungry for human flesh or mutant freaks obsessed with killing, get ready to enter a fantastic and macabre universe full of blood, guts and TERROR!