MAUL - Exractions From The Tomb (LIVE)


Tape - Trans. yellow leader

Midwest vicious death metal

This is an incredible live offering, Perfectly described by the band themselves.

“The following is a live maiming of soundwaves and beers alike as we celebrate three years as a band from our very first show. We've held bigger gigs with friends on an EP release and a Planned Parenthood fundraiser on our last respective anniversaries and wanted to keep a tradition going in bringing y'all content in any way that we can connect with those who care because we genuinely just love and live for this shit.

'Extractions from the Tomb' was made with the sole purpose of creating a DIY source of - "as live as possible"- death metal to melt the faces of friends and fans in the death metal community and honestly for own sanity. The pandemic's rampant run on people's livelihoods and the arts has been vicious to experience, taking away jobs and creative outlets. Tour plans, work and hopes went out the window so we had to adapt and find ways to continue bringing some of that filthy joy to you in a year full of seemingly endless dread.

Teaming up with our good friend in Ethan Aune of Midwest Mourning (death metal zine, artist, and media) made sense in keeping it authentic in our communal offering of the purest, rawest form of MIDWEST DEATH being brought out. We cannot thank him enough for all of his contributions to this band in the last year and for his hard work on this collaboration."